Coraline and all it’s supporting code, plugins, etc. is free software and is

Copyright (C) 2017-2019 Pat Deegan,

It is release under the terms of the GNU General Protection License (GPL) and comes with no warranties blahblah (see the license). Libraries used to get things going may have their own licenses, see the about page for details.

Enjoy and please get in touch with feedback, tips, requests, etc.


Pre-packaged bundles are available for the Coraline core and plugins. Current version is: 1.1.1

DEB: Debian and related (Ubuntu etc)

Install these with

sudo dpkg -i name.deb

RPM: RedHat and related

These were generated by alien, and are basically untested at this point–get in touch with any experiences info!

Source Code

Coraline source code is available on the github repo.

Source for plugins is being released, available through various dedicated repositories… check out the coraline-* stuff on the psychogenic github.