Coraline builds on webkit to provide access to system functionality through javascript, using dynamically loadable plugins.

Thanks to these plugins, you can get information on the computer, manage SQLite databases, interact with bluetooth low energy device and more.

The available plugins respect the cordova (javascript) and ionic (typescript) APIs, meaning applications developed for other platforms–like Android or iOS–should work under Linux with no (or minimal) changes.

Available Plugins

Having just launched, the number of plugins is limited but a few plugins are already available (contact us if you need one in particular). Demos for most of these can be seen by launching Coraline without any arguments, to display the intro.

  • Device: information about the host computer
  • BLE: Bluetooth low energy scanning and connections
  • In-App Browser: display/download remote resources
  • Notification: native dialogs for alerts/confirmations/prompts
  • SQLite: SQLite database backend