Bluetooth Low Energy

The Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) plugin gives your app the ability to scan for bluetooth devices, then connect and interact with them.

It provides the cordova-plugin-ble-central API and can be used with ionic, through the native BLE plugin, by installing with

$ npm install --save @ionic-native/ble

Use the plugin as you would on any other supported platform.


The plugin requires Gattlib++ which in turn relies on Gattlib, a recent version of Bluez and D-Bus. Should work nicely on Ubuntu 17.x, other platforms to be determined.

Get It

You can get pre-packaged binary bundles on the downloads page, and source is now available in the BLE plugin’s githup repo.


Under the hood, the BLE plugin relies on Bluez which has a pretty annoying tendency to cache the devices it’s seen… forever.  So even if a scan reveals a certain device, it might not be around.

Also, there is as of yet no way to access the advertiser data packet, so these are empty arrays for the moment.